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Fist of Fury 1992 English Subtitle

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Fist of Fury 1991 (新精武門1991) is a 1991 Hong Kong film directed by Choh Chung-Sing, and starring Stephen Chow in the lead role. Aside from a few parodied scenes, the film bears no other similarities to the Bruce Lee film Fist of Fury except in title only. A sequel Fist of Fury 1991 II was released the following year.


Stephen Chow as Sing
Kenny Bee as Smart
Corey Yuen as Master Fok Wan
Wan Yeung-ming as Cheng Wai
Sharla Cheung as Mandy Fok (阿敏)
Shing Fui-On as Master Chiu Tung
Bak Man Biu
Natalis Chan (cameo)
Chen Jing as Brother Leung
Choh Chung-Sing
Ha Chia Ling
Ha Chi-chun as Flutty Ping
Ng Man-tatboss

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