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There were only rumors at first but now it has been confirmed, Ben 10 is coming onto the big screen and we are very happy to hear that is happening. But the twist is, it is coming as a live action film and that makes it even more exciting if we take into an account who is producing it. And the man we can thank for that is Joel Silver who is planning to bring Ben 10 to a big screen as a producer. This would be a combined project of Warner Bros and Dark Castle Entertainment. Since Joel is co-founder of Dark Castle that just makes sense.

We all know of this man because we can thank him for producing some of the best action movies in the last decade or so. Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, the Matrix, House of Wax, Sherlock Holmes and many other movies we used to love to watch and even today we can go back and watch them again, that’s how good they are. He even appeared once on a big screen in Who framed Roger Rabbit as director Raoul. This time he is going to take the Cartoon Networks’ B10 to the big screen. And if he is willing to invest in it then we can expect it to be a very good thing. Joel Silver and Dark Castle are currently in the development of the live action film and it is said that this movie has some serious franchise potential. Ben 10 movie is scheduled to come out in theaters in 2013.

The storyline is nothing new but nevertheless always interesting. It is about the sci-fi adventurer boy named Ben who has a phenomenal ability to transform into 10 different alien creatures. Now, how cool is that?!  Ben Tennyson, that is his full name, is an ordinary 10 year old boy, Sumo Slammers comics fan and the constant target of bullies at school.

But at one point something happened and turned his life around. His life completely changed during a summer trip when he found a watch called ‘Omnitrix’. It looked like an ordinary watch but it was not, Omnitrix can turn you into one of the ten powerful aliens. Now Ben can meet one of the common childhood fantasies: to be a superhero and to fight to save the world from evil.

There are limited information on the movie so there are many unknowns for now. The name of the movie? The acting crew, director and many other info are still carefully kept from fans. But I am sure that some of the things will start to leak soon and we will have much more details on the project. Until then we can only keep our shirts on and be very very patient. But one thing is for sure, Ben 10 is coming no matter what!

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